1. These are some great and very realistic suggestions for chores for 2-year-olds. My youngest just turned 7, but both of my kids loved any task they could help me do from the time they were toddlers. And now they have some good habits set in place, which is awesome!

    1. So great to hear! They really love to help out at this age so it’s nice to be able to let them do so and hopefully set the stage for having future responsible kiddos.

  2. Love all of these! My toddler does all of them but some, not so well. He was helping my seven year old doing laundry when I heard, “moooom!” Apparently he was taking everything out of the dryer and throwing socks all over the laundry room! Lol!

    1. There’s definitely a learning curve, haha! Mine will tell me she’s helping me fold the clothes while she’s really just crumpling them into little balls and throwing them on the floor. I love that your seven year old does the laundry! #momgoals

  3. Having your kids help clean up early on was a huge win for us! She loves to clean up and sing the special clean up song!

    1. My daughter is a big fan of singing while she cleans as well! And now that I’m 50 months pregnant, I’m so happy she helps clean up and will pick up all the little items on the floor so I don’t have to bend over so much!

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